E via dal mio cuore (Narrativa) (Italian Edition)

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Era stata abbandonata; sarebbe stata sua e avrebbe portato il suo stesso nome, Adimu. From the day her grandmother had told her that only a white girl could be her friend, Adimu dreamed of a playmate with pale skin. She thought about her so often that she was able to describe her features in detail. Going to school one morning, Adimu saw a doll on the ground, and it was her same color. She picked it up. It was dirty and had a hole in place of an eye, and it was missing one arm. A tuft of blond hair, caked with mud, hung on one side.

Its dress was little more than a scrap of fabric. Adimu examined every detail of the doll that had fallen into a state of disrepair, and, in a fit of compassion, she hugged it to her chest. It had been abandoned.

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Along the road to school, she found a place to hide her treasure, behind a bush that was before the clearing where the other students crowded. In the evening she showed her grandmother what she had found. I hid her so no one will take her. Nkamba laughed. One of the best parts of being a translator is the chance to work on many different types of texts. English translation below. Grazie Rachel per il tuo tempo. I nostri progetti sono tanti.

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Per esempio, solo per citarne qualcuno, la creazione di liste per le biblioteche scolastiche, pubbliche, e accademiche; dei premi per letteratura in traduzione; e lo sviluppo di una piattaforma per promuovere le traduzioni auto-pubblicate. Ci sono grande differenze in Italia al livello regionale nel uso delle biblioteche. Puoi aiutarci a capire il ruolo delle biblioteche negli Stati Uniti?

Molte biblioteche si vedono come ponti fra la varie popolazioni nella loro zona, offrendo servizi agli individui che sono diverse culturalmente, etnicamente e linguisticamente. Offrono un luogo per tutti, specialmente quelli marginalizzati, tipo le persone LBGT, gli immigranti e i rifugiati, e le minoranze etniche. Secondo te, sono scettici i lettori americani verso i libri in traduzione? Non credo che il problema sia che i lettori americani sono reticenti verso la letteratura tradotta.

Invece credo che non sanno dove trovare libri che vengono da altre parti del mondo che potrebbero interessarli. Quindi non si rende conto della offerta dei libri in traduzione. Come traduttrice dal tedesco, quale sfide trovi nel rendere un libro straniero per i lettori anglosassoni? La tua piccola casa editrice, Weyward Sisters Publishing, pubblica libri tradotti in inglese dal tedesco di genere noir e polizieschi scritti da autrici in Germania, Austria e Svizzera.

Conosci altri piccole case editrici che pubblicano traduzioni per un settore ristretto, come voi? Per esempio, Le French Book pubblica crime fiction francese in traduzione, mentre Plamen, Pica Pica, Istros, Gallic e Kurodahan pubblicano libri in traduzione da regioni bene precisi. Vorrei pensare che il futuro sia positivo. Ma il fatto sta che la maggior parte dei lettori americani non hanno letto libri contemporanei in traduzione, punto. Comunque, si spera che attraverso il lavoro di queste case editrici i lettori scopriranno culture letterarie ricche e interessante.

Translator Rachel Hildebrandt is the mastermind behind the Global Literature in Libraries Initiative , a growing force in the diffusion of international literature among American libraries. Recently, Rachel agreed to answer some of my questions about GLLI and the outlook for books in translation.

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GLLI was the brainchild of a small group of translators and publishers who realized that librarians would make natural allies in their efforts to celebrate and promote international literature. Back in Winter , we started out as a small email circle, and soon our base began to grow with the addition of an increasing number of librarians. We recognized early on the need to build connections with the professional associations in which librarians are active.

I joined ALA as an affiliate member, and along with several librarians, I successfully proposed a session for the ALA conference on international literature and its importance to libraries. Since that time, our numbers have grown and our engagement is expanding. In the short-term, one of our major goals is to situate ourselves organizationally such that we can become partners with libraries and library organizations of all kinds.

We are exploring some options for fiscal sponsorship, which would provide us with umbrella nonprofit status. With this status, we would be in a good place to apply for grants and corporate sponsorships in order to create a sustainable base for us and to increase the reach of our efforts and projects. Our projects are varied, including: age- and genre-specific book lists for school, public and academic libraries; exploring options for new translated literature awards; pulling together library-focused pan-publisher catalogs across the international literature space; sessions and engagement at library conferences; developing platforms to promote self-published translations among librarians and library users.

Long-term we would like to build connections with specific aspects of the library framework, such as partnerships with library venders, aggregators, e-content providers, and such. Ultimately we want to become the go-to resource for librarians seeking to globalize their collections and programs to meet the changing needs of their diverse populations of children, teen and adult users.

One statistic regarding Italian state-run libraries mentions 1.

Reviews: Italian Studies: Vol 70, No 4

Can you shed any light on American libraries and their users? American libraries have spent the past 20 years reinventing themselves. They still are repositories of countless books, but the library of today is just as much shaped by the services it provides, as it is by the number of books in its collection. Libraries have become community spaces and hubs unlike anything else we have today.

They are homes to book clubs, artists in residence programs, teen services, legal services, computer labs, maker labs, writing spaces, you name it.

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Many libraries see themselves as the bridges between the diverse populations in their jurisdictions, and they are servicing individuals from diverse cultural, ethnic, and linguistic backgrounds. Libraries are positioned to be truly communal spaces, and they conceive of themselves as havens, ports of call and safety, for anyone and everyone.

Library users truly are a cross-section of American sociey in the breadth of its diversity and nuances. Do you think American readers are skeptical about reading books that have been translated? And if so, how do you think their reluctance can be overcome? What I feel is sooner the case is that they are not knowledgeable about where to find international works in general and the kind of works that would interest them specifically.

They also are not aware that in the globalized world in which we live, they really NEED to be reading globally. With that said, unless you are a reader of international literature journals or a follower of certain presses, how is the average reader going to easily find these works? On the other hand, I feel like many of the international works being celebrated in the major review platforms fall solidly into the literary fiction camp. To be honest, many US readers are avid consumers of genre fiction.

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